Pet Preventative and Wellness Services

Our comprehensive pet preventative and wellness services in Omaha, NE, are designed to keep your pets healthy, happy, and thriving. From annual wellness exams to vaccinations and preventative screenings, we offer various services tailored to meet your pet’s needs.

What Happens During an Annual Wellness Exam?

Our experienced veterinarians conduct a thorough physical examination during your pet’s annual wellness exam, covering every aspect of their health. From assessing their eyes and ears to examining their teeth and gums for signs of dental issues, we leave no stone unturned. We also evaluate your pet’s heart and lungs, palpate their abdomen for abnormalities, and check their skin and coat for lumps or bumps. Additionally, we record your pet’s weight and discuss diet and exercise habits to ensure they maintain a healthy body weight.

cute puppy on a morning run with his owner


Vaccinations are crucial for protecting your pet against contagious diseases. Our veterinary team follows the recommendations of the American Veterinary Medical Association to provide core vaccinations and other immunizations based on your pet’s lifestyle. We take the time to discuss vaccination options and tailor a vaccination protocol specifically for your pet, considering factors such as age, environment, and risk of exposure.

Preventative Screening and Medications

Preventative screening and medications are essential for safeguarding your pet’s health. We recommend yearly testing for Heartworm disease and fecal exams for intestinal parasites in dogs and cats. We also advise year-round preventative measures for heartworms, fleas, and ticks to protect your pet. Our hospital offers a variety of preventatives, and our veterinary team can help you choose the most suitable options for your furry friend.

Puppies and Kittens

If you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy or kitten into your family, it’s essential that you start their healthcare journey on the right foot. We recommend bringing your new pet in for an examination soon after adoption to ensure they are healthy and parasite-free. Our specialized plans for puppies and kittens include wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite screening, treatment, and spaying and neutering services.

Schedule a Wellness Exam Today

Investing in your pet’s preventative and wellness care ensures they live a long and healthy life. Schedule a wellness exam at Chalco Hills Animal Hospital today to give your pet the gift of optimal health and well-being. Our dedicated veterinary team is here to provide the compassionate care and expert guidance your pet deserves.