Pet Diagnostic Services

At Chalco Hills Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive pet diagnostic services in Omaha, NE, to ensure the health and well-being of your furry companions.

Comprehensive Care for Your Pet

Whether your pet is experiencing symptoms or requires routine screening, our diagnostic services are designed to provide thorough assessments and accurate results. From bloodwork and urinalysis to imaging studies and specialized testing, we are committed to delivering comprehensive care tailored to your pet’s needs.

cat during an ultrasound exam

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with IDEXX CBC, cutting-edge chemistry equipment, and urine analyzers, enabling us to obtain immediate results for various diagnostic tests. We offer multiple tests for viral and parasitic diseases, allowing us to quickly assess your pet’s health status and provide necessary treatment.

Reference Laboratory

Our close working relationship with the IDEXX Veterinary Reference Lab gives us access to specialized testing and board-certified veterinarians. This collaboration enables us to conduct advanced diagnostic testing and discuss results with experts, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

Radiology Department

Our radiology department utilizes radiographs (X-rays) to diagnose a range of health problems, including fractured bones, dislocated joints, foreign bodies in digestive tracts, heart and lung disease, internal masses, urinary tract stones, and other abnormalities. Our advanced imaging technology captures detailed images to aid diagnosis and treatment planning.

Schedule a Diagnostic Evaluation

If you have concerns about your pet’s health or suspect an underlying medical condition, schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Chalco Hills Animal Hospital. Our experienced veterinary team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and a timely diagnosis for your beloved pet.